Looking East via High Seas


The political and security situation in Papua New Guinea continues to remain tense amid financial crisis resulting from a decade of economic mismanagement under the previous government, witch-hunting of political rivals, the institutionalisation of corruption, tribal wars in the resource-rich highlands, and free run of organised crime groups in…

The seventy-two year-long Ethno-nationalist insurgency led by over twenty insurgent groups against the Myanmar government remains inconclusive, due to military’s implicit political interests, and the continuation of ethnopolitical ambitions by ethnic rebel groups. Since its independence in 1948 from British colonial rule, the Myanmar state remains challenged from various ethnic…

Military Formation:

3 types of Soldiers: Paharis (Guardsmen), Banuas (Offensive fire party), Dhenkiyas (Expeditionary Infantry Force, armed with the sword, shield, and archery)

3 types of Infantry soldiers: Itikars (Lance Bearer), Dhanuki (Archers), Phadikares (Swordsman)

“Itikars and Dhanukis were Mountain warfare specialists”

The infantry soldiers in Odisha were classified into…

Twenty years later, in 303 B.C, when Seleukos Nikator, the conqueror, one of Alexander’s generals who had become king of Western Asia by then entered Punjab, faced a defeat from Chandragupta Maurya. This was the first time when a foreign army of importance was defeated in a full-scale battle. Chandragupta’s…

(Kedai Cina Teh/Zhōngguó Chá Diàn)

Courtesy: Pinterest

Wandering on the streets (Jalan) of Malaysia, one would find innumerable food courts (Medan Selera)/Restorans) serving delicacies that are reflective of Negara Malaysia’s syncretic culture. While Food MNCs such as Nestle were successful in making Milo a preferred drink in this SE Asian country, Teh…


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