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  • Mitchell Telatnik

    Mitchell Telatnik

    Mitchell Telatnik is an MIS graduate from the University of Arizona applying data science to cybercrime.

  • Ben Zweibelson, PhD

    Ben Zweibelson, PhD

    Ben Zweibelson is the Director for the U.S. Space Command’s (USSPACECOM) Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG) and is a strategic design theorist and educator.

  • Sahana Singh

    Sahana Singh

    I am a connector of dots, collector of gems, conveyor of thoughts, convenor of minds.

  • Indu Viswanathan, Ed.D.

    Indu Viswanathan, Ed.D.

    Mother | Daughter | Immigration & Teacher Education | Decoloniality | Dharma | Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

  • Charlie Sierra Yankee

    Charlie Sierra Yankee

    Investigator, OSINT, philosophy, crypto, gamer, science, psychology, anything that takes my fancy and so many things do!

  • Birender Dhanoa

    Birender Dhanoa

    Former military officer, now interested in writing and sharing thoughts and experiences on national interest, war-fighting and leadership.

  • GS “Sial Mirza” Goraya

    GS “Sial Mirza” Goraya

    Focus : History, Philosophy, Storytelling

  • swardley


    I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice. RT is not an endorsement but a sign that I find a particular subject worthy of challenge and discussion.

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