Stages of Defence Procurement in India: Short Note

Here are the different stages involved in the assessment of the technology gap to the final acquisition of weapon platforms for Indian armed forces:

Stages of Defence procurement in India:

  1. Preparation of Long Term Integrated Perspective Plan (LTIPP): 15-year roadmap
  2. Preparation of Services Capital Acquisition Plan (SCAP) by HQ-IDS: 5-year roadmap
  3. Annual Acquisition Plan (AAP) (approved by Defence Procurement Board (DPB)): 1-year roadmap
  4. Request for Information (RFI) from prospective vendors
  5. Preparing service-specific Staff Qualitative Requirements (SQRs) a.k.a (General staff, Air Staff, Naval Staff)
  6. Request/Grant of Acceptance of Necessity (AON) by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC)
  7. Expression Of Interest (EOI) issued by the respective Services.
  8. Request for Proposal (RFP) (Solicitation of Offers)
  9. Evaluation by the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC)
  10. Field trials (across different terrains and weather conditions)
  11. Evaluation by General Staff (Army/Airforce/Navy)
  12. Oversight by the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)
  13. The final go-ahead from Contract Negotiation Committee (CNC)/Price Negotiation Committee (PNC) after approval from Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)
  14. Approval of the Competent Financial Authority (CFA) (Mostly from Finance Ministry)
  15. The signing of the Contract
  16. Contract Management and Final Delivery of the weapon platform

Source: Defence Procurement Procedure 2016




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Looking East via High Seas

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